Carpenter Luca – Carpentiere Luca

We all know how important it is to have a hobby. It relieves stress, lets you relax and promotes creativity and general wellbeing. So it is very common to have one or many hobbies to take a break from your everyday tasks, to learn something new and to pass time. Sappiamo tutti quanto è importante … Continue reading Carpenter Luca – Carpentiere Luca

Comfort food – I piaceri della tavola

It's raining again. - Piove di nuovo. Although we love that there are still four seasons in Latvia and try to find the beauty in all of them, you have to agree that November can sometimes get a bit drab and gloomy. So we get the snug blankets out, we light our fireplace and some … Continue reading Comfort food – I piaceri della tavola

My favourite colour is October – Il mio colore preferito è Ottobre

Before speaking about anything else we just wanted to show you what is going on outside. Prima di parlare di qualsiasi altra cosa vi volevamo far vedere cosa sta succedendo fuori. It feels like autumn has arrived a little early this year and already the trees are almost bare, so we just wanted to share … Continue reading My favourite colour is October – Il mio colore preferito è Ottobre


I know, we haven't been very present lately, but with the gorgeous summer season exploding outside, there are just so many things to do on the property. Lo so che non siamo stati molto presenti, ma con la bella stagione le cose da fare nella proprietà si sono raddoppiate. Working hard - lavorando pesantemente Our … Continue reading June